liwwa is a marketplace lender whose mission is to deliver job and income growth in the communities we serve. We're growing rapidly and are hiring talented individuals from a range of backgrounds. Today, our diverse team is comprised of people from Palestine, the US, Jordan and Sweden - with backgrounds ranging from Applied Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, and the social sciences. You can see our open vacancies below:

Engineering Careers

To solve the chronic problem of SME financing in the Arab World, we must do financing and credit assessment in ways that are fundamentally different than the way traditional financial institutions do it.

liwwa already built machine learning algorithms that depend on behavioral analysis to replicate the outcomes of human credit assessment committees to a high degree of accuracy. More work remains to be done in terms of improving the data science behind those models, as well as on developing different ways of accessing more information to feed those automated credit assessment models, including optical character recognition for financial and bank statements, Point of Sale integration, social network integration, and other online behavioral probes. To achieve our mission, the engineering team's goal is to produce a socially-beneficial and automated solution for assessing the creditworthiness of small businesses.

Available Positions
Full Stack Software Engineer:

As a full stack software engineer, you will be working on building and enabling all the aforementioned projects as well as being responsible to come up with novel ways we can collect relevant data about our SME customers. You are more interested in solving problems than you are in the tools used to solve these problems, but you are also someone whose understanding of the tools and the technology is deep and precise. You are a detail-oriented person with a taste for simplicity and for producing things that help the business' bottom line.

Data Scientist:

As a data scientist you will be responsible for coming up with testable hypotheses on what makes a creditworthy small business and designing experiments around them. Credit Assessment is fundamentally an information availability problem and your job will be to circumvent the shortage of traditional credit information. You have a strong statistics and mathematics background. You understand the software stack and you're able to make contributions to it when needed.

Credit Careers

Credit Assessment is a fundamental part of our mission to revolutionize SME financing in the Arab World. We rely on our credit assessment team to analyse and explain risk internally and to our users. The credit assessment team is also responsible for creating new products to properly serve the SME market.

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Customer Service Careers

We pride ourselves with our fanatic devotion to customer service! Our customer service team is at the frontlines in enabling our customers to take full advantage of our offerings. Customer service representatives play a key role in keeping our pipeline strong and efficient.

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